About Us

Long before launching his Bubble Tea brand which became overnight the fastest growing F&B franchise in Switzerland in 2021, serial entrepreneur Roberto Panto realized the shortcomings of regular bubble tea shops business model which are that:

  • most of the sales happen in waves (ie. after lunch and after school). Inbetween these waves staff is less productive which is especially problematic where labor is expensive
  • there is a limited pool of customers that can realistically be expected to walk or drive to a bubble tea shop
  • taste and texture of ingredient starts getting altered as soon as it is in contact with tea which is a challenge both for deliveries and for Ready-To-Drink business model
  • shops have to give away up to 40% of an order price to delivery companies such as UberEats

Switzerland isn’t known for bubble tea. It was the same when it comes to chocolate until the end of the 19th century! Chocolate was initially brought to Europe by Spanish conquistadors and became a hallmark of European noblesse and bourgeoisie. However, it is only thanks to Swiss entrepreneurs and innovators such as Cailler, Gautschi, Kohler, Lindt, Peter & Suchard, who reinvented chocolate manufacturing processes, and the invention of the aluminum foil by Neher that chocolate became a product that could be afforded by more people.

Together with our open innovation partners (Laboratoires Bioligo & Swiss Industrial Consulting & Technology SA), we want to bring about the same revolution to bubble tea that earlier Swiss innovators have brought to the chocolate industry thanks to our innovative cup insert & preservatives solution. Turning a product with a normal expiry date of just a few hours or even minutes into one with a shelf life of up to a year. Enabling bubble tea brands to offer consumers a Ready-To-Drink version of their signature drinks with the same taste and texture as a freshly made one – anytime and anywhere they want.

Besides we’re also a one-stop-shop offering a wide range of innovative solutions for brands who want to scale up their production of Ready-To-Drink bubble teas by stepping up their franchisees’ production capacity or by operating from a single kitchen production unit


Roberto Panto

Co-founder MYO Packaging

More well known under the nickname of Roby Myozaki, he’s a hairdresser by training and former L’Oréal brand ambassador who cut the hair of most A list French celebrities as well as the likes of Zlatan. Roby is a serial entrepreneurs behind MYO Style (2004), Myozaki scissors (2014), MYO Swiss Hair Implant (2017), MYO Bubble Tea (2020) and more recently the brand MYO Gusto (2021). Roby had the original vision for the MYO Poket and surrounded himself with people who have the right skills to bring it to life.

Sebastien Kahla

Co-founder MYO Packaging and CEO

Séb has a MSc degree from Zhejiang University where he studied business administration and the management of open innovation. While a student He honed his skills as a consultant by working on several consulting mandates for SMEs and MNCs like Bosck, Ferrum, Merck, Sberbank & TusStar. Sebastien has a background in the food and berage industry at Nestlé HQ and Nestlé Research where he was in charge of internal communications and joined MYO Bubble Tea as Project Manager in 2020 when the company was still in its infancy. He is now CEO of MYO packaging with seat in Hangzhou, China

Frederic Deville

Co-founder MYO Bubble Tea & CEO Laboratoires Bioligo

Frédéric is the co-founder of MYO Bubble Tea and CEO of Laboratoires Bioligo famous for their flagship product, the Pere Michel syrup which is sold in all leading pharmacies in Switzerland and in other European countries. Thanks to Fred, MYO benefits from Bioligo’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing preservatives which they use in their own products as well as state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for product testing. Fred is also since 2005 member of the Jury at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, the most important annual event in the world devoted exclusively to inventions.

Nicolas Ganshof

CEO Swiss Industrial Consulting & Technology SA

Nicolas has a MSc in microtechnology from EPFL. He is an engineer by training who loves mechanics and solving problems. His employees are spread between Lussy-SurMorges, (Switzerland) and Shanghai (China). They are helping leading companies such as Nestlé, SWATCH group, PSA, TGV & Dongfeng Motor Corporation to solve their most difficult technical challenges. Among other things he is the contractor who has developed the most components for NESTLE machines (Nespresso) which are filed patents noted as technological innovative ideas of Nicolas Ganshof.