Fully automated
filling & sealing machine

The ultimate solution for brands who want to mass produce Ready-To-Drink bubble tea for their own stores, their partners’ point of sales or OEM

Product Overview

Fully automated filling and sealing machine which enables you to mass produce Ready-To-Drink bubble tea using the same ingredients you would use for a fresh bubble tea. Made possible thanks to compatible moving, weighing and filling devices that fills the MYO Poket cup insert with popping bobas and jellys without damaging them in the process. Process is as follow: cup drop, liquid filling, cup insert drop, liquid filling together with our preservatives solution, cup insert filled with popping bobas/jellys on the cup, sealing with your sealing film (or ours 😉 and then cup is dropped to storage area

Why choose
  • Exact liquid and ingredients quantity (bye bye staff induced inconsistencies)
  • Economies of scale -> reduces the average (unit) cost of production significantly
  • 2600 and 5200 cups per hour respectively for 4*1 conveyor belt and 4*2 conveyor belt
  • Sealing temperature adjustable to high in case if your usual supplier fucks up and ships you cups with a ring thicker than usual. Otherwise keep in mind that we can provide you the gold standard of cups 😉
  • Made in 🇨🇳 with ❤️ up to our 🇨🇭 standards
Suggested use
  • When your staff can’t
  • If you have a dedicated production area for Ready-To-Drink which can accommodate up to

Where to sell your Ready-TO-Drink bubble teas:

  • create your network or points of sales in convenience stores, vending machines, supermarkets, swimming pools etc.
  • through deliveries companies perfect taste and texture of bubble tea for deliveries directly to consumers just like if it was prepared on the spot
  • Sealing head will be made according to your cups’ caliber
  • size: W1.3* L7.2 m
  • Temperature adjustable to high in case if your cup supplier fucks up and ships you cups with lips thicker than usual
  • Can be operated by a single staff

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