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Our high quality long lasting shaker with custom graduated lines enables your employees to avoid dosing mistakes and produce faster

Product Overview

What is the MYO Shaker?

It’s a high quality 700ml shaker with circular custom made graduation marks which will help your employees to produce the same drinks day-in-day-out which is extremely important since customers will notice any small difference in the dosing of their bubble tea. Using our proprietary technology we can draw between 1 to 6 marks (circular lines) inside the shaker in order to indicate to your staff in one glance up to where they have to pour drinks for up to three of your BBT recipes variations (ie. regular and large cup).

Challenges with industry standards


To avoid dosing mistakes of syrup and tea and speed up drink preparation bubble tea brands came up with the following solutions:

  • add black lines using permanent non erasable markers. However after just two or three high pressure and high temperature wash you can basically redraw the lines.
  • put car tape on their shakers but it also gets removed/damaged during high pressure washing.
    Both temporary solutions release harmful chemicals inside the shaker as well as on the rest of the items inside the washing machine!
  • order custom shakers with graduated lines printed on the outside of the cup with a special ink but comes with usually high MOQ
Why chose

 High quality:

  • While other shakers quickly break, our shaker has a guaranteed lifetime of at least 18000 shaking machine cycles The marking does not affect product lifetime which can last around 20000 shaking machine cycles. We guarantee you that the shakers will always be the same so that you can be sure that you will never have an accident in your shop while using drink shaking machine if you switch between two differently shaped shakers.
  • Made of heat and cold resistant PC resin
  • Does not affect health of consumers

User friendly:

  • We only have one supplier so the size and shape will never change. You won’t have shakers flying in the air after you put them on the shaking machine
  • Loved by employees of all 16 franchisees of MYO Bubble Tea
  • Transparent cup body to see the drinks you’re preparing
  • Anti-slip


  • We can offer our solution from just 50 units shipped directly to your door

Take your bubble tea brand to the next level!

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