Up your branding with our custom stickers – design and printing solution

Product Overview

We offer high quality waterproof round stickers which you can apply on your Ready-To-Drink bubble teas so that consumers know in a glance what’s the flavor of the cup they have under their eyes. We can design any combination of fruits. Level up your branding!

Why choose
  • Tested by us
  • Unparalleled level of printing and design customization thanks to our designers who can draw all types of illustrations
  • Competitive printing price, shipping worldwide
  • Waterproof (so that the condensation which builds up in refrigerators wont damage it)
Suggested use

In your shop or in your production kitchen:

Apply stickers on the cups you intend to sell through your network of Ready-To-Drink points of sales (can be used in combination with MYO Poket cup insert & MYO Preservatives formula)

  • PP (polypropylene)
  • Dimensions of your choice
  • Matt or glossy
  • Rolling (more practical from our experience) or sheets
  • Color CMYK
  • Gradient possible

Take your bubble tea brand to the next level!

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