PLA straws

Reduce your impact on the environment and show to your consumers that you care and take action!

Product Overview

Taiwan grade rigid straw with angle cut for easy piercing of sealing film with or without paper wrapper (can be customized with logo).  Straw is made of PLA which is a mix of corn and plant fiber. We have three types available (see picture above for reference) :

  1. natural chlorella
  2. plant starch
  3. natural wheat fiber 
Why choose
  • Biodegradable when composted under ideal condition (temperature, moisture and soil)
  • More affordable than paper straws
  • Rigid -> easy for consumers to pierce sealing film
Suggested use

Place it in a box together on the shelves where you place your Ready-To-drink or at the cashier. This straw is compatible with MYO Poket cup insert and our sealing film

  • PLA with either plant starch, natural wheat fiber or natural chlorella
  • compatible with MYO Poket cup insert
  • with or without paper wrapper on which you can print your logo
  • 12mm X 21cm

Bye bye plastic straws, get a Quote