Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Business Model

One of the best ways to increase the sales of your bubble tea shop is by adopting a RTD business model. It enables you to sell your drinks outside of your physical store location to your network of business partners/friends who operate a grocery store/bar/petrol station/kiosk/swimming pool/leisure center/supermarkets/events etc…

YOU will be able to:
-significantly increase labor efficiency by keeping your staff busy at all times rather than being idle in between rushes
-overcome the customer traffic limitation of a physical store (there are only so many consumers that can be expected to walk or drive to your store location on any given day)
-be less reliant on delivery platforms such as UberEats which charge unbelievably high fees

We’ve been experimenting RTD business model together with our franchisees starting in early 2021 and now have a network of 100 RTD points of sales (full list here) after less than a year. It proved to be a win-win model for everyone and it is relatively easy to implement.

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