filling machine

The ideal solution for bubble tea shops to scale up their production of Ready-To-Drink

Product Overview

Our partner’s machine enables you to turn your shop into a small bubble tea factory which is especially suited to countries with high labor costs. The machine is equipped with a liquid tank, a pump and nozzles which will fill 6 cups simultaneously (12 cups per minute). Process is as follow: Place the 6 cup below the nozzle, Automatic filling (adjustable liquid quantity depending on your recipe), staff place manually MYO poket cup insert filled with popping bobas/jellys on the cup, sealing with your standard sealing machine using your sealing film (or ours) and then place your drink in your partners’ Ready-To-Drink point(s) of sale

Why choose
  • Ideal for Bubble tea shops who want to scale up their production but do not have the space for this machine
  • Exact liquid quantity (no more staff induced inconsistencies)
  • Faster than manual cup preparation
  • Made in 🇨🇳 with ❤️ up to our 🇨🇭 standards
Suggested use

How to use the machine?

The machine can be installed in your shop prod area. It is very easy to use and does not necessitate much staff training

Where to sell your Ready-TO-Drink bubble teas?

Read our blog entry on this new BBT business model 😉

  • 6 nozzles (adjustable height and adjustable liquid quantity)
  • Liquid tank (X litres)
  • size: xxx mm
  • Plugs: EU, US or AU

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