Environmentally friendly


The ideal solution for bubble tea shops with limited space to scale up production of Ready-To-Drink bubble tea

Product Overview

Our partner’s expiration date handheld gun printer enables you to save paper/plastic by getting rid of expiry date stickers and possibly of labeling stickers altogether if you opt to use this machine together with our sealing film solution.

Why choose
  • Save manual labor cost and protect the environment
  • Different possible date formats (can also print QR codes and barcodes)
  • Keeps your cup free of visually obstructing food labeling and expiry date stickers which can greatly reduce the appeal of your product to consumers
Suggested use

Use the machine to scale up your production of Ready-To-Drink bubble tea directly in your shop(s) together with our sealing film solution

  • Date formats year-month-day, year-day-month, month-day-year, day-month-year and/or barcode and/or QR code
  • 7 colors and multiple fonts available
  • Rapid dry ink

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No more stickers on your cups!