Thin body fridge

The ideal fridge to place and advertise your bubble teas at your Ready-To-Drink partner’s point(s) of sale which can be used in conjunction with our customized stickers or sealing film solution to level up your branding

Product Overview

Many of our partners who sell our Ready-To-Drink bubble teas have asked us for a fridge to display our products in their business(es). Most of our them have limited space, hence we found the ideal thin body fridge which they can easily integrate in their shops and can accommodate up to 60 units of 500ml cups with an additional 10 units if you add an extra rack. The fridge interior can be either white or black while the exterior can be fully customized by either your designer or ours

Why choose
  • Ideal shape to fit into existing stores
  • Double glass transparent window enables very stable temperature all year round
  • Lightweight door -> easy opening for kids
  • Do not compete for shelf space but place your own branded shelf
  • No moisture inside thanks to evaporation system
  • Made in 🇨🇳 with ❤️ up to our 🇨🇭 standards
Suggested use

How to use the thin body fridge?

  • Sell, lease or rent to your clients and deliver basis at a chosen interval
  • Can be used together with our non obstructive stickers or sealing film solution

Where to sell your Ready-To-Drink bubble teas:

  • create your network or points of sales in convenience stores, vending machines, supermarkets, swimming pools etc.
  • Two different door handles
  • Advertising light box on top
  • can accommodate 60 units of 500ml cups with an additional 10 units if you squeeze in an extra rack
  • size: 388x478x1879 mm
  • Adjustable feets for uneven floors

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